Sunday, 20 January 2013

Screenshot Splash: Spec Ops: The Line Playthrough/Review Part 1

So I realised as I finished off my review for Jack Reacher, started typing in my thoughts on Django, and prepared with friends to go and see Lincoln, that January has been pretty damn Movie/Film heavy so far. There has been one thing on gaming, and that was, the cringe inducing Mobile Games Review born purely of spite and sarcasm. So I decided there and then to cobble together a couple of screenshot reviews, one from Spec Ops: The Line's first three chapters, and then some of the 500+ Assassin's Creed Screenshots I have taken. So with that in mind, Spec Ops!

Opening screen shows a slightly off American flag and the Middle Eastern City of Dubai. I've always wanted to go there, this basically counts right?

2K Games Presents Spec Ops: The Line. Though don't be fooled, it has nothing to do with the original Spec Ops series that ended in 2002. Starts off with a charming Helicopter chase/shootout through the ruined Dubai Skyline.

It is a pretty intense helicopter ride, you skim through buildings and get fairly blood soaked, though as with all opening missions, it never feels threatening. None of the promised "War is Hell" stuff yet, but I'm sure it'll come.

Oh yeah, one of the Helicopters crashes into this Crane, I couldn't capture it, but I laughed at the idea of this game being withdrawn due to people being offended after the London Crane incident a few days ago. Thankfully people aren't that silly...Yet.

You can basically hear "This is the End" by The Doors playing. Though that might be coloured by my knowledge this has comparisons to Apocalypse Now/Heart of Darkness. Though that Helicopter ride was nowhere near as glamorous as Apocalypse Now's. 

I like the inclusion of Obama and a Sheikh, this is all, of course, achieved by a gentle pan across the room. In other news, I've turned on This is the End for real now.

Here are our three plucky heroes, the black guy is called Adams, the white guy is called Lugo...Nolan North's character is called Walker I think. (Oh, and lets not forget Wojciech Zielinski was Technical Art Lead.

Døktør is my Steam profile name at the moment by the way, I thought this was pretty cheesy, and the way the flag continues to be upside down. But now we are past the opening Chapter.

You start by walking casually into Dubai, and by walking I of course mean Running, Vaulting and Rappelling  because who the hell walks anymore, really. 

As you can tell by the skeleton, things are looking pretty dead in the city of millions. Interestingly, Dubai's name comes from either the word "Creep" (as in creeping water) or Locust, (as in, a deadly plague of)

You then find a dead guy. Clearly not the first dead guy, but you can tell this guy was white, and in the military. Quickly, call in the tactical strikes.

So unfortunately I didn't get a shot of before this, because I didn't know what was happening. But basically, some generic Middle Eastern looking people yell at you from atop a bus, you then shoot some very strategically placed Sand and it falls on there heads, like a bad Laurel and Hardy getaway sketch.

After murdering the people they were probably suppose to escort out of ruined Dubai, they come to a big crashed plane that I originally thought was a Ryanair jet.

Walker, once again, taking no notice of the corpses. Also, that blood was from slaughtering all the locals to get in here. 

And then you walk across a hostage situation in this aircraft. I don't have the resolution, but I can reassure you they don't all sort out this hideous misunderstanding with reasoned talk and restrained violence.

After turning the graveyard plane into a larger graveyard plane, they decide to trek across a desert, having achieved nothing so far. (On a serious note, the dialogue has been fairly good, and even this early on, I can feel it building up).

More sandstorms are coming in, so you and your pet wise talking soldiers decide to shelter in that near by...Newstation? Casino? The Spec in Spec Ops actually refers to the amount of story you can actually remember.

Yeah, it was Dubai News, a Newstation, go Aaron.

The Konrad they are mentioning might be a nod to Joseph Conrad, the man who wrote Heart of Darkness, which inspired Apocalypse Now. Or I could be reading implications where there aren't any.

After you go through the News building you get in a "hold out" gunfight which makes the end of Chapter 2: The Dune. Interestingly, at the end you are swallowed by a collapsing sand Dune into a sinkhole.

And then Chapter 3 starts, though I can't remember what it is called, I only remembered Chapter 2 because of the Frank Herbert book, Dune. Either way, they are in a casino-palace type place after they fall through the sand, and all seems fairly fucked.

You then finally meet some Cut-scene characters that aren't you and have more than two lines of dialogue. One obviously might as well be wearing a sign saying "I am a terrorist" and the other saying "I am a sneaky American", but at least the third guy avoids stereotyping by turning his head away from the camera.

Then Walker finds himself in what I can only assume is going to be a frequently occurring situation involving a sandstorm...Oh, and he needs to Reload apparently.
Upon getting out of the sandstorm he says a frankly quite lovely painting of Lady Liberty on the wall, completely with two-tone flag dress and AK-47. Which has been Walker's choice of gun since he discovered his original one sucked ass.

Oh fuck, then you see a bunch of candles. I can only assume they are that religious homage to the dead thing, and judging from this, there is an awful lot of dead, and Walker must be giving the Candle Economy a boost as well.

Then you find the biggest discovery yet, never mind the implied, thousands of dead by the Candles in the next room, you find more dead white people! Phone the president. Though they are soldiers and they look pretty royally owned, so perhaps it is worth phoning in. Not to the President though, he is busy being inaugurated today.

Now Shifty McBeardface (Shifty McB to his friends) is torturing some people, to what end? I think to absorb their facial hair, I wasn't really paying attention. (I kid, I kid).

And then, gasp, you find a murdered guy, and you quickly point a gun at a guy who rappels down those ropes really quickly, so quickly I couldn't get a screenshot. But they begin to suspect something is up, moments before...

And then...dun, dun...duuun. Our tale ends this time with our heroes finding a CIA operational base, confirming that Shifty McBeard face is indeed, CIA, which raises many questions and sets the scene for us to hopefully question America a lot, because that is what I was promised.

 So far the combat has been pretty good, though I'm really not far in, hopefully the story goes somewhere good, the dialogue so far has been pretty good, and I'm sure certain people will be thrilled Nolan North is lending his talent to something else. I'll make sure to upload more as I play. Anyway, Hope you've enjoyed this break from the movies. Next up...Django Unchained!


  1. I swear if the CIA does even half the shit that is shown in video games they are the world's biggest criminal organization

  2. The CIA probably spend all their time in Risk Assessment meetings but that wouldn't make a very interesting game...

    1. True, I imagine it takes a lot of paper work to overthrow a government.

    2. Thinking that a game called 'We'd Better Get This Filing Done' may not have the same gravitas.

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