Friday, 7 December 2012

News and Reviews: Not actually the brief for the What About Cynics Board Game

Much like other theoretical fields, the What About Cynics Board Game is hard to define, hard to explain, and no-one is quite sure whether it actually exists. Allow me to explain, a few days ago, while I was checking in on the site in between writing one of several million essays I am currently doing, I noticed some odd search terms had appeared. One read "Board Game by What About Cynics webcomic creators" and the other read "What About Cynics Board Game", I can only assume they were both from the same mad person. I originally laughed and dismissed it...But then another two appeared, and so I figured what better joke article to write at 1 o'clock in the morning after I have just finished my essay on Reaganomics, and dauntingly look forward to starting one about Danish Diplomatic history in the 1800s tomorrow...God.

So, yeah, that is why I have been quite quiet recently, but do not worry, after the 13th, everything shall pick up quite nicely.

So I just inadvertently posted What About Cynics first working gif, and it is from Hetalia. I take this as a net gain for our fair society. But yeah, fittingly enough that is England, though I'm not having a crisis about if I'm Protestant or Catholic, I'm having one about essays or honourable seppuku.