Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Presidential Election 2012 Updated Throughout Night: 1:30 to 6:30

Some on the spot Blogging from my all-nighter for the US 2012 Presidential Election. Kept on here for the sake of posterity to remind you all what an amazing night it was, and for me to laugh at how panicked I was trying to type down stuff from three different news channels and still blog/teamspeak. A good night 9/10

1:45 GMT: Updated and Edited throughout the Night

I think just enough time has passed, just enough has been said, and just enough of the obvious states have been called in. Roughly, depending on who you believe from the three TV coverages I'm watching simultaneously, Fox, CNN and BBC that it exists around about 77 Obama 76 Romney, obviously it is all Statistics at this point. All I will say is.

God I hope Obama wins...
That'll be the theme of my writing.

Fuck, so like, Romney saying he has already written his Victory speech was intoxicating. But yeah, no mjaor surprises so far. Inevitably, all the swing-states are taking ages to announce their results, and so quite a lot of the tense stuff is going to be happening later. Florida is currently slightly Obama, same with Ohio. Alabama just inevitably went Romney. NC and Virginia are drawing, with slight favourite towards Romney. Annoying no major shocks. The best thing so far is that Florida is going closer and closer to Obama. Though I just saw the latest Virginia poll, 55% Romney. Then again, Ohio is 57% Obama currently. 

So much information is coming in right now, I'm going to cut my losses and just publish this. I'm glad New Jersey wasn't effected too badly by the Sandy storm, and still voted Obama. Can't wait for the swing states, until then I'll accept some Population Centers please? I'll be writing more of these Micro Articles throughout the night. 78-76 BBC. 64-82. CNN. Obama-Romney.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The Political Machine 2012: Election Day Special Theodore Roosevelt Vs Al Gore

So as I speak (type) the day is ticking over from the 5th of November to the 6th, and as I really hope you are aware, that is American Election Day. All that really fun political campaigning, the constant Daily Show watching, endless articles, soon it will all be for nothing as the American populous get a task of utmost important, electing the new leader of the 'free world'. In honour of this I thought I would upload the Campaign I did recently on the Political Machine, unfortunately I don't have time to do a Romney/Obama one and write it up before the results, so you'll have to do with this wacky Scenario, Teddy Roosevelt Vs Al Gore!.

While, due to not having either candidate from the current election, this turned out to be less relevant and consequently, probably less funny, I hope you enjoy. Failing that, go read the 'critically acclaimed' first Campaign I did of this game, Obama vs Michelle Bachmann (Aka, Easy Mode) for some brutal attacks on all your favourite American Politicians. (Also, yeesh, talk about TL;DR, go to the bottom for the funny stuff as well).

Maybe after the election I will do who I want the candidates for 2016 to be...

Sunday, 4 November 2012

WaC Webcomic 11: A Game of Thrones Board Game Personified

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So after a behind the scenes preview posted a long time ago, and a lot of changes from what it was originally going to be like it, here we have the 6 factions of the Game of Thrones Board Game, personified by us and our friends. A fairly nerdy project, but so is the entire of What About Cynics, and it is working out great. I implore you to click for the full picture, it is really quite something my staff (singular) put together, I may just post each of them separately as well. 

We originally planned to make a humour set of webcomics out of these character, as Simon's Game of Thrones Articles are our most successful and widely viewed. I'm not sure if that is still going ahead, as we have plans for a story-line in the webcomic coming up soon, but it is definitely on the cards.

Old Green Arrow New 52 Comic Review: A trip down memory lane

With the release of the new WB show: Arrow, focusing on the exploits of Green Arrow, I thought now was an ideal time to post an old blog article about my reviews, roughly a year ago, about Green Arrow in the new line of Comic books.  For Comic Details

Also, looking back my writing has improved dramatically.

For similar fun look Here, Here and Here. How is that for plugging?

Now out of the New 52, the first to reach third issue purchased was Green Arrow, now this might have been due to some unfair reasons, such as release date, but for the purpose of this article, we are going to ignore that and say it is primarily my love of Green Arrow! Okay? Okay...

So I love Green Arrow, I love his silly themed arrows, I love his Robin Hood riff, I love the evolution of the character, his relationship with other figures, especially Batman, Hal Jordan and Black Canary, the socialism he picked up along the way, his one arm, his two arms. He, to me, is a perfect example of how a great character doesn't explode into popularity, but steadily builds it up.

Hotel Transylvania Review: Or, "Why You Should Watch Hotel Translyvania"

Give me a chance here...Let me explain to you why you should watch this film. I normally don't go for this approach, but I think it is needed. (Wow, this turned into a long review, wonder if anyone else wrote this much about Hotel Transylvania...Yeesh)

Reviewing Hotel Transylvania was always going to be significantly harder than reviewing say, the Bond Film Skyfall. The reasons for this are two fold, Numero uno, Hotel Transylvania lacks prestige, this will be self evident by the fact that this review will get significantly less traffic than say the aforementioned Skyfall, and it has to prove it's existence. No-one questions me if I say "I liked Skyfall", for some reason Bond has the natural right to exist, irrespective of bankrupting an entire film company. But Hotel Transylvania doesn't help itself, I've seen it advertised as 'From the studio that brought you...The Smurfs"...Yes, the bloody smurfs. I told my fellow Cynic Simon that I enjoyed this film, and he wasn't sure if I was being sarcastic. Christ, this is going to be an uphill battle

The second reason is that this is a Family Film, or, if you are going to be trite about it, a kids film. But as someone who watches what can either be described as an astounding, or a sad amounts of youth targeted media, even into what has now become my 20s (20 folks, not quite gone yet), I get frankly annoyed at the dismissive nature of people towards these films. I mean, don't get me wrong, some of them are over simplified messes, but every genre has it's bad films. It is when someone does not want to watch something, regardless of the talent going into it. Which is why my first section will regard just that, the talent.