Saturday, 3 November 2012

Rambling News: Digimon RPG of my dreams comes out...and obviously will never leave Japan

So while researching near the end of this review, I stumbled across this video. A little bit more research later and it turns out that BandaiNamco are making another Digimon RPG. Now, while Digimon hasn't quite kept up the limelight in the west as much as it's pocket sized cousins, in Japan, it is still big business. But the thing that distinguishes this RPG from any other one, is, as you can tell, it is based around the beloved Dubbed Children's TV series I certainly grew up with, and I know many of my peers did. That is fucking cool.

Regrettably however, Japan has basically written off the Western markets as somewhere to peddle their PSP based Digimon-wares, which is unfortunate, because of they had someone of the generation now aged 19-22, they could probably tell BandaiNamco, that this would sell like bloody hotcakes. Like, literally, people would buy PSP's for this thing. Now unfortunately, I can't effect it, I haven't seen any sort of 'probably not going to work' petition, just a bunch of whiny people complaining it isn't coming to the west (of which, yes, I'm aware I have added my voice), but hell, I've got a website now, so I get to complain about stuff I want to come out, and more importantly, I get to increase awareness, as if it hadn't been for a lucky google search, I wouldn't have known this existed, so here we go...Making it even more unlikely is the PSP aspect, Digimon games get released rarely as it is, but on top of the 'less than stellar performance' of the PSP, makes this virtually hopeless.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Skyfall Review Take 2: Celebrity Grudge Match

Skyfall, the James Bond Franchise, and Product Placement.

So I just got back from what will probably be a fortnightly feature of me going to the cinema and plowing through a few films. As it was half term this week and the kids were off, then I cut it to just two films this time. The first is Skyfall, then after that I will take great joy in reviewing Genndy Tartakovsky's Hotel Transylvania so stay tuned.

(My less Cynical-Cynic, Simon has also written his own counter review highlighting the good parts of this film, as apparently I mostly focus on the bad and don't mention the stuff I liked...Who knew?)

If you want to skip my analysis of the Bond Franchise and a rant on Product Placement, scroll down and look for the words Actual Review: 

First off, my beef with the Bond Franchise.

The James Bond Films are a strange subject, some would describe him as quintessentially British, an embodiment almost, others would say he is the perfect agent. The thing is, that in his 50 year (as we are painfully reminded) career, both Britain and espionage has changed considerably. This will probably sound quite harsh, but Bond, at his core, is jingoistic, misogynistic and chauvinist(in both senses), he is a rampant alcoholic, makes jokes at the violent deaths of others, and lets his chronic womanizing frequently endanger his mission and cloud his judgement. While some of these merely come with the territory of being an action hero, and to nitpick them would be time ill-spent, others are slightly more complex.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

News Blast: Disney Buys Lucasfilm, Announces Star Wars VII + Q&A

That title says it all, in 2015 we will be getting a new Star Wars film, but this will not just be another George Lucas milking of the franchise, we have a new farmer my friends...We have...Disney?! No, this is not April the 1st.

Both of these faces are now owned by Disney, now sit down and tell me how that makes you feel.

Obviously this raises about a 100 questions in the minds of absolutely everyone. 

1. Is my childhood doomed?

Yes, it is very possible, equally however, under the leadership of Disney, Marvel has produced the Avengers, arguably one of the most Nerd-friendly movies, and highest grossing in ages. So possibly not.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Anime Film Review: Summer Wars, The First Digimon Movie and the Internet is a battleground

So snap, I just got back from watching a ton of stuff, but the one thing that sticks out in my mind is the fine piece of anime that was witnessed, and that is Summer Wars. Now, before we get into this, I know very little about the outside of Summer Wars, unlike when I usually watch and subsequently review a film. This is usually because I've either A) got the film on DVD, thus knowing about it anyway B) have chosen to spend good money in the cinema, implying research or C) google it half way through watching it on TV. But yesterday I found myself in a situation I'd rarely ever been in before, short of picking a movie at random because nothing is on at the cinema. I went to a University Society (The sci-fi one, incidentally) and was just shown a film. It was quite a nice feeling, and so I've decided to maintain that bubble and just review it without all the excess I usually fill reviews with. After that, we will see how good it is...Ok? Ok.