Monday, 22 October 2012

The Political Machine 2012: My First (Easy) Election Campaign

So I've grown to really like the screenshot playthrough review, to the extent I think I might be doing it too much. Though as both of my most popular articles on this site are screenshot playthrough reviews, I might just keep it up. So today I will be giving you a glimpse into my first attempt of playing "The Political Machine 2012". A fun Steam game that was so cheap I picked up 4 copies (Decadence, thy name is Aaron) just in case my friends wanted to play...Or, in all honesty, because I want to try and win the US 2012 Presidential election against one of my friends, and this is definitely the closest I'll get.

The Political Machine 2012 is the third in the Political Machine series by Stardock, predictably the last two were on 2004 and 2008, unfortunately 2000 was deemed ill suited to a game, as if you play as the Republicans, you can cheat...Oooh, long setup rim shot.

So I suppose I should actually post some screenshots. Here is your first glimpse into my campaign. It is week 1. I've decided to play Obama after I realised my prospects of winning with DR ATHEIST were astronomically low. The Obama War Machine has 4 Million dollars, soon to be used on strange headquarters. Obviously he starts off in Illinois, which is currently 56% Obama, 34% Romney.  A solid start, I might just win one state, more than Ralph Nader ever did....I'll see myself out.