Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Late Night British Commentary on the US Presidential Debate+Introduction

Ok, so upon having re-read this twice whilst very tired, I've decided to keep it how it is. It isn't terrible, at points, pretty funny, at points, very cringy. There are probably a couple of spelling errors, but I advise you look over them, I was typing fast. I think its a perfect microcosm of the debate itself. We have me being low and making stuff up (Romney) and me not really trying (Obama). And we have me trying to work out why I am even here (Jim Lehrer). I don't recommend you read all of the spiel, I tried to highlight some of my favourites in bold, but keep in mind, I'm running on empty right now.

Remember, it is rambling, basically stream of thought, others will state it much better than me, having thought about it for much longer than the few seconds before finger hit key DURING the debate. Also, remember I'm bias as hell. (It is also vain how every picture is a picture of my ugly face, ignore them if you will, filter them if you can).

It is quite interesting to note how sometimes I get it completely wrong, I've left those moments in because I quite like them. I was just trying to judge what I saw, in an admittedly retarded fashion, which I ask you to excuse. The political nerd in me got excited, and the wannabe comedian got eager. I went kind of crazy with fake quotes as well...

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Video Game News: My Experience with War of the Roses so far

So under the advice of a friend, I decided to do something I rarely do (for evidence of my lack of partaking in this dark art, see here). I pre-ordered a game. And not any game, a risky investment. A game done by former Multiplayer flops, Fatshark. (Note, I don't believe Fatshark are bad developers...though if you had asked me during that atrocious launch I might have said otherwise. Just unlucky). So yes, I've played about 12 hours at this point, before I was hit by a terrible affliction known as university deadlines. But yes, now I'm going to show you some of my more fun moments from my first ten hours. Yes, just like a bad family member after a holiday. Enjoy.I also just saw yesterday they are planning to add all this new stuff

My very first screenshot, at the point of which you can actually take a screenshot, having successfully slapped a bitch to the floor, and proceeding to execute him. I'm pretty sure the game has, at most 5 executions that I've actually seen, and this is probably the most stupid, a kind of slamming your shield on their neck. Notice I'm the generic, really shit footman class.

WaC Webcomic 10: The Gamer and the Girl

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