Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Farewell Psygnosis (Studio Liverpool)

And so passes another of the old British gaming studios, Studio Liverpool, more commonly known to me in my childhood, and other Sega console owners as Psygnosis, a word I wasn't sure how to say then, and will now probably never know. Though in recent years Studio Liverpool became increasingly specialised in the realms of churning out Wipeout and F1 games for Sony, for me, and I hope for many others, Psygnosis will be remembered, as it always should, be this.

Instantly recognisable, hauntingly beautiful (Might be nostalgia talking)

While I'm not going to look back at Psygnosis more favourably than they deserve, it is safe to say my childhood would have been a very different experience had it not been for the games that Psygnosis made in its prime, and so I have scoured the internet this morning, collecting images from the games of my childhood, and games of note, to honour the once great, and half the time, not so great, studio.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

WaC Webcomic 7: Learning to Talk

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