Thursday, 22 November 2012

Update: An Essay for an Essay and the whole world gets bored: A WaC Update

Hello Cynics! (It is still weird to think I'm addressing actual people now, but, for whatever reason, you keep coming back, so you get your own demonym, if that is the correct word for it). This is going to be an amalgamation of things, it is going to be part civic update, but because it would be cheap to make just an article out of that, it'll also have elements of my video update (here) where I discussed relevant videos (warning, may not be so relevant this time around), and also of the various news bursts I've been doing over the past two weeks.

I genuinely have no idea what to put here for the picture, so have a picture of the Game of Thrones Mod for Crusader Kings 2 loading screen. Yep, a picture, taken by digital camera, of a loading screen...Keep reading. Please?

So first things first, update. The reason for tonight's article is primarily this, I am currently in educational limbo, I just finished one quite large essay, and I'm giving myself a night off before I start tomorrow's large essay. My fellow cynics are also at university as you may or may not know, and I assume a combination of work and apathy are behind their slowed down output.

Either way, I'm using this brief point of spare time at 1 o'clock on a Wednesday night/Thursday morning to inform you of stuff I have in the works.


  • The mythical t-shirt. Of which, is currently been planned, sketched and scanned, currently in the process of drawing and adding humour, those who've expressed interest, thank you for your continued patience with our casual operation.
  • An actual webcomic or 2. These are also in the process of being coloured, but a combination of me and my Danish art studio are lagging behind. Primarily the Danish art studio.
  • A Serious Kingdom Hearts article. I'm a long time fan of the Kingdom Hearts series, and have some legitimate qualms with the people who reject unreasonably, I've also started playing my DS again, and so I'm going to chart out where the franchise has been, and is going, as well as hopefully a sound argument to convince people to play it.
  • A "What will the Republican Party Do Now?" article. With the election now seemingly so far behind us, it is time to look at the state of American politics in what will promise to be a divisive period with such ominous sounding conservative boogiemen as the 'Fiscal Cliff' and 'Puerto Rico statehood'
  • A photo guide of the latest board game to be added to our expanding roster, the War on Terror (A couple of pictures may follow). It is a genuinely fun game with elements of satire actually embedded into the gameplay in a way that neither limits it, nor feels pretentious, result.
  • As you may have noticed, a podcast section has been put up, however, the more perceptive of you might also notice it lacks podcasts currently. I've been told that Billy Bob is currently working on this, though I have no idea, nor would like to hazard a guess, as to when he might get around to it, fingers crossed regardless.
And also a mention to the lovely forces behind this blog, Fashion Puppe, who were kind enough to reference my James Bond Article early in the week. One good turn deserves another and all that. (Bonus points if you can spot the Cynics link in the article itself)

So only two videos as far as I can think of this week, the first is a slightly less serious one. For those of you who are fans of Battlestar Galactica, and lets face it, why the hell wouldn't you be? It is my job to plug Blood and Chrome to you, as the people at the Sci-fi channel...Oh wait, sorry, Sy-Fy channel (uggh) are basically using the views behind the youtube video to monitor the series and whether it should continue to exist. So if you are a BSG fan, watch this video, hell, even if you aren't, I'd appreciate the click, you might even find something new. I genuinely rate the Re-imagined 2004 series of Battlestar Galactica to be some of the best science fiction out there, if you haven't seen it do.

Also, Episodes 2, 3 and 4 are out, but they are linked all around the Episode one youtube video, so I won't insult your intelligence by spamming them here.

The second video is a kind of pseudo-serious topic, it is designed to educate, I guess, but not really, more an edutainment kind of thing. Now I'm not really one for the whole rap battle thing, I mean I've seen most of the epic rap battles one way or another, but I don't check for them, interestingly enough, what I hold to be the best rap battle on youtube, isn't even done by those guys.

Now I'm not saying watch this and suddenly you'll get economics, but economics is an important thing that many people just dismiss as "I don't get it so whatever", which is bad when it comes to anything, but here especially, and while I can't be bothered to write an article about it, I can be bothered to dedicate a tiny segment to a combination of a catchy song with a nice summary of the Hayek/Keynes debate. It won't make you an economics buff, but hey, it deserves a mention.

Finally, News Photos!

Finally, rather than any news, I just managed to transfer the first batch of pictures from my digital camera, hooray! So instead you are going to get some of the better ones from that, mostly likely including Lego, The War on Terror Board Game, and Movember.

Here is a section of my Lego collection. Forgive the poor quality, still working out how to use it. Among these you should be able to see Mace Windu, Yoda, Admiral Adama and Saul Tigh in Lego (unofficial), and Toy Story's Stinky Pete, along with many Droids, Rebels, Clones and Stormtroopers in Lego. I've been thinking about doing an article on them, we will see. Also,as befits a history nerd, history Lego.

A letter from Google regarding the advertising money. I just thought this was quite neat, makes it seem all official (though I probably don't seem too professional right now). Safe to say, your custom makes this letter possible, so thank you.

Probably the clearest picture we took of the War on Terror board game. Seriously, out of four of us, no-one knew how to properly use a digital camera, it was tragic. I've worked it out now, now we just need to have another game.

Nukes in the War on Terror are hilarious, I think 2 will bring a game practically to its knees. Trying to rebuild from the wreckage feels genuinely daunting, Japan has its work out in repopulating Asia. 

And before this turns into a full picture review (Of which I have nowhere near enough pictures for), then here is how the world inevitably seemed to end up when you begin a war on terrorism...With lots of terrorists everywhere (In Black). I should also probably try and find a decent picture of one of us in the balaclava, but it was hardly the most photogenic thing.

Anyway, on that note I bid you farewell, thanks for continuing to check out What About Cynics, we probably don't deserve it, but we are grateful regardless. If you want something to look through on here while the updates are coming out. The Webcomic is pretty good, and the links to all the next ones are at the bottom, for you with short attention spans. Or failing that our now quite expansive list of films we have reviewed, teared apart, or endorsed.

Talk to you on the other side of all these essays, until then, stay safe, and keep browsing.


  1. Im the anonymous that said you 3 were talented and sent you an internet hug on election night. I dont want to be confused with some of the other idiot anonymouses. I noticed that you seem to be single handedly keeping the blogs going, so well done. You make me smile and you are always interesting. Have you ever thought of being a teacher?

    1. Chapman was a teacher a while ago, but lets just say he done a bad thing

  2. Any news on the GoT Board Game Strategy guide?

    1. We're trying to convince our researcher of this to actually write it, but he needs very specific conditions, namely more friends to play the game with, in order to refine his strategies. We'll get back to you when it comes.

  3. I was never a teacher, and I never did bad things, at least not bad teacher things. I did want to be a teacher at one point though, but not as much anymore.

    Now we have that cleared up, I suppose if you don't want to be confused you could also adopt a screen name, I think the comment section has an option for that.

    And thank you, you flatter me, I suppose I have posted most of the articles recently, but it is only really around term time it gets taxing. Always a pleasure.

  4. A quick question for Billy Bob - any news on the Coldplay comics?

  5. The entire series isn't coming out until 2013, but I'm just writing a run-down of the prequel issue found in the Hurts Like Heaven video.