Saturday, 3 November 2012

Rambling News: Digimon RPG of my dreams comes out...and obviously will never leave Japan

So while researching near the end of this review, I stumbled across this video. A little bit more research later and it turns out that BandaiNamco are making another Digimon RPG. Now, while Digimon hasn't quite kept up the limelight in the west as much as it's pocket sized cousins, in Japan, it is still big business. But the thing that distinguishes this RPG from any other one, is, as you can tell, it is based around the beloved Dubbed Children's TV series I certainly grew up with, and I know many of my peers did. That is fucking cool.

Regrettably however, Japan has basically written off the Western markets as somewhere to peddle their PSP based Digimon-wares, which is unfortunate, because of they had someone of the generation now aged 19-22, they could probably tell BandaiNamco, that this would sell like bloody hotcakes. Like, literally, people would buy PSP's for this thing. Now unfortunately, I can't effect it, I haven't seen any sort of 'probably not going to work' petition, just a bunch of whiny people complaining it isn't coming to the west (of which, yes, I'm aware I have added my voice), but hell, I've got a website now, so I get to complain about stuff I want to come out, and more importantly, I get to increase awareness, as if it hadn't been for a lucky google search, I wouldn't have known this existed, so here we go...Making it even more unlikely is the PSP aspect, Digimon games get released rarely as it is, but on top of the 'less than stellar performance' of the PSP, makes this virtually hopeless.

But hey, that doesn't mean I can't make you long for it with me, and besides we still have....This!
*silently weeps*

I've used this twice in two articles. That is bad and I should feel bad. 

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