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Old Green Arrow New 52 Comic Review: A trip down memory lane

With the release of the new WB show: Arrow, focusing on the exploits of Green Arrow, I thought now was an ideal time to post an old blog article about my reviews, roughly a year ago, about Green Arrow in the new line of Comic books.  For Comic Details

Also, looking back my writing has improved dramatically.

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Now out of the New 52, the first to reach third issue purchased was Green Arrow, now this might have been due to some unfair reasons, such as release date, but for the purpose of this article, we are going to ignore that and say it is primarily my love of Green Arrow! Okay? Okay...

So I love Green Arrow, I love his silly themed arrows, I love his Robin Hood riff, I love the evolution of the character, his relationship with other figures, especially Batman, Hal Jordan and Black Canary, the socialism he picked up along the way, his one arm, his two arms. He, to me, is a perfect example of how a great character doesn't explode into popularity, but steadily builds it up.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, the New 52. Now I had been feeling the pinch slightly, as mentioned in my Batman review, that little sting where you are reminded that all that beautiful, convoluted canon you have kept up with for your comic book reading career, is...for now (more on that theory later) lacking relevance. This, to an extent has been diminished by the fact, but some strange, yet oddly effective plan, the Batman and Green Lantern universes (primarily) have kept many of their little quirks, with such things as The Killing Joke, and Blackest Night, still being seemingly in the canon. We find ourselves with all four earth lanterns, and a full house of Robins and Bat-suffixs then I care to shake a stick at.

But as I read my precious Green Arrow, issue by issue, I realised...This isn't the Green Lantern I know and love. It isn't the fault of the writer, nor the artist, they've both done their jobs admirably. The first three issues, I think, are some of the best of the New 52, even if they do edge into cheesy at points with an attempt at "internet culture" (An oxymoron if you ask me) and an embarrasing attempt at internet user names. But other than that, they are basically without fault, he is lean, young, slightly channeling a less lucky/extreme Bruce Wayne (as ever ¬_¬). But yet, something is missing, this is when the gravity of these reboots really hit me, a weird sense of loss fell over me, and I keep convincing myself that this is temporary, and that they will take the good bits and leave the bad, but for now, like in the bitter sweet ending of Back to the Future, I have my Green Arrow, and he is happy, but it isn't the Oliver Queen I've always known and loved...

That depressing note aside, buy Green Arrow 1,2 and 3 for a happier tomorrow! (Previous attachment not required, infact, actively discouraged...Kidding, really...='[ )

Overall they are a great set of three comics thus far, establishing a solid universe and a cast of new media obsessed rogues, Green Arrow is effected slightly by Dark Knight syndrome but they add enough unique twists into his Queen/Arrow balancing act to make it compelling, he comes complete with two tekkies, hits the ground running, and hopefully soon, he might grow a beard.

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