Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Presidential Election 2012 Updated Throughout Night: 1:30 to 6:30

Some on the spot Blogging from my all-nighter for the US 2012 Presidential Election. Kept on here for the sake of posterity to remind you all what an amazing night it was, and for me to laugh at how panicked I was trying to type down stuff from three different news channels and still blog/teamspeak. A good night 9/10

1:45 GMT: Updated and Edited throughout the Night

I think just enough time has passed, just enough has been said, and just enough of the obvious states have been called in. Roughly, depending on who you believe from the three TV coverages I'm watching simultaneously, Fox, CNN and BBC that it exists around about 77 Obama 76 Romney, obviously it is all Statistics at this point. All I will say is.

God I hope Obama wins...
That'll be the theme of my writing.

Fuck, so like, Romney saying he has already written his Victory speech was intoxicating. But yeah, no mjaor surprises so far. Inevitably, all the swing-states are taking ages to announce their results, and so quite a lot of the tense stuff is going to be happening later. Florida is currently slightly Obama, same with Ohio. Alabama just inevitably went Romney. NC and Virginia are drawing, with slight favourite towards Romney. Annoying no major shocks. The best thing so far is that Florida is going closer and closer to Obama. Though I just saw the latest Virginia poll, 55% Romney. Then again, Ohio is 57% Obama currently. 

So much information is coming in right now, I'm going to cut my losses and just publish this. I'm glad New Jersey wasn't effected too badly by the Sandy storm, and still voted Obama. Can't wait for the swing states, until then I'll accept some Population Centers please? I'll be writing more of these Micro Articles throughout the night. 78-76 BBC. 64-82. CNN. Obama-Romney.

62% of the vote in Florida, still a narrow Obama lead. The next set of polls will be closing in 10 minutes or less. My prediction, Pennsylvania goes blue soon, Virginia will take a while, NC will go red unfortunately.

Oh America, how is Mitt Romney even a choice? You guys are insane. Sincerely, a confused British, stay tuned for the next one!

2:00 GMT: Senators.

With soon to be the polls closing across larges swaths of the mid-west, and lots of battlestates unannounced, I start to feel worried. Senators seem to be generally swaying Democrat. Scott Brown in Massa is actually doing poorly from what I can tell. So I'm looking forward to that, because it isn't just about the president

Texas, Kansas, Louisiana, Wyoming, South and North Dakota, Mississippi all Romney. Obviously Texas, that was inevitable. All this is happening as I've been writing. That was nice timing. I think Obama can do it in Florida. Michigan and New York just went Obama, which is beautiful. I think I will call it for the next couple of minutes until something appears.

152 Romney. 123 Obama. Oh I hate the mid-west. Come on North Carolina. Also 48% 48% Colorado

2:10 GMT: The house.

Just heard that Republicans might keep the House, that will be terrible. Also 76% in Florida and Romney ahead ever so slightly. This shit is just way too close to call. I'm gonna be so relieved/annoyed when it is over. Damn Democracy. Also, Obama getting his ass kicked in Virginia, but 55% Ohio still. Beautiful.

2:20: The Senate Mark 2 and Penn.

With the house going Republican, the Senate seems to be gaining more Democrats, Linda McMahon seems to be doing well as well, along with Warren, a couple of the stupid 'test republicans' I follow on twitter are starting to worry Senate wise. That is when you know it is good. I still think Penn will turn Blue. It is early days in Virginia, but I don't trust getting my hopes up at all. I'm gonna go crazy and say if Florida is won by Obama, I'll donate that five pounds to wikipedia. Talk to you at 2:30 World.

2:23 GMT: Pennsylvania

Oh my god, Pennsylvania did it, I fucking told you! Oh yes, that is a significant shift. The first of the minor battle states. I'm very happy, it was the last state that Romney campaigned in for the end of this campaign. Oh hell yes. The late visit fails to pay off. Consider me very happy. Now time for me to take glee in the twitter fallout. BBC says it is 143-153 to Romney, CNN hasn't counted Penn yet with 123 to 153.

2:30 GMT: Sky Box Stand-by

So my Sky Box just said it is turning off, that is a hint I've been here for a while. Nothing has really come up, the Republicans were typically hilarious on Twitter, with such golden anger. Oh god, 600 votes divide Florida, CNN breaking news. I think this might be 2000, I seriously. God damnit. Need to wrap up all these battlestates before I have a heart attack. Also, I just heard that Israeli-American voted for Romney 85%, which is terrible. Don't make me regret being Pro-Israel.   Completely Neutral.

2:40 GMT: Just a quick quote. 
From a Republican I was following, here is a funny quote. "I don't drink much, but if tonight continues the way it does, I might become an alcoholic". Excellent, you do that. Now if Virginia and Ohio could hurry up plox. 

2:45 GMT: A slow slide towards Obama?

I'm currently on two different news channels. BBC on internet, CNN on the TV. I'm on twitter, I'm talking to multiple people on Steam, and two people on a voice chat programme called Teamspeak. All whilst writing this. So you will excuse me if I type rather hectically.

Elizabeth Warren is the big piece of news at the moment. Retaking Ted Kennedy's old Senate seat from former Model and Stewart proclaimed 'President of the States' Scott Brown, this really does appear to be a slow slide towards Obama, as always though, it really rests on Ohio, North Carolina, Florida and Virginia...The East will be the key 

2:55 GMT: Warren confirmed and the Daily show makes a funny

So both the Republicans and Democrats on twitter and BBC seem to be stating that Warren has won, which makes me very happy. A funny live tweet from Daily Show on the matter goes:  Unconfirmed: 's truck voted for Elizabeth Warren. . I think the path for Mitt Romney is getting more closed, like New Hampshire and Pennsylvania.

3:00 GMT: The turning point?

People are getting confident, people are saying Ohio is a cert now, I think people are getting ahead of themselves, but it is getting exciting now. I've just seen a report from another Republican I follow admitting it is probably a loss. They seem to be closer than usual to being honest. I'm proud and surprised.

Also, breaking news, Utah went for Romney...Oh wait, that was the biggest inevitably, Mormonville elects the Mormon. One day...Apparently Obama is ahead in Neveda, more news on this, probably at 3:05 at this rate. Gosh damn isn't this fun *mad glare*. Montana apparently also Republican, but 75% of households own a gun, so really, I'd claim inevitable. Peace out for the next view minutes.

3:10 GMT: David Dimbleby, has he died? 

Haven't heard from Dimbleby in a while, just heard from Ohio 47% Romney, 51% Obama...Excellent, I think, all that worry, might have been for nothing. But I'm not committing to it yet, I'm still in 'ready to be repressed minority' mentality. My favourite role, you get to be much more snarky. I kid I kid, ritual suicide for all if Obama loses. I still say NC and Virginia go Red, Ohio and Florida...Blue? And the election basically finished off with those. Hopefully, I'll run the statistics through in the BBC's 'you decide' thing. Until then. 

Oh wait, Colorado just flashed up 63% counted, Obama ahead by 10 points. Perfect. An increasingly happy Aaron says, talk to you soon. 

3:15 GMT: Another comrade falls.

I'm currently staying up with a couple of friends over various pieces of the internet, and a couple of followers of both the @wacynics twitter and my personal twitter @politicallybias. The last of my friends via Steam has decided to go to bed, as it is getting to 3:15 over here in the United Kingdom, so a tribute to Josh. He has left Obama in a good place, everything that isn't a battleground state has gone well for Obama. Romney needs to win Ohio and Florida, and it is looking grim for him.

I will say however that they are calling states a bit too early and randomly, as someone watching CNN and BBC, and briefly Fox before it burns my skin. I think all these Women and young people and minorities coming out is great. As the saying goes, when the Democrats vote, the Democrats win. 

3:25 GMT: A Virginia D Sen and New Mexico stays Blue

The title basically sums it up, New Mexico has been declared Blue being the first state like...West of forever it feels like. Same with Wisconsin  it seems to be tallying up importantly. Despite the mid-west Obama now seems to be pulling ahead 172-163, with none of the big states out, the minor big states of Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. But yes, the Virginia situation of a senator and the loss of Ryan's Wisconsin.

I'm gonna call it, Florida goes Blue, Ohio goes Blue, and that is the end of that. Watch me regret this. See you soon. 

3:35 GMT: Everything feels better...Though nothing has really changed. 

Oh man, I just got the best quote ever from my Republican idiots I'm following "I'm sorry, but you must be stupid or deluded to think Obama is fixing America. He's turning us into the USSR". That is beautiful, you can see the Republican crowd getting more moral sapped by the second, and the Democrat more confident. Which is very strange, as really we have heard nothing important, save like, Wisconsin.

Though, really, with 172, and a guaranteed California of 55. Apparently Romney only has ten combinations that can secure victory realistically. I think we might have done it. Also, all these Women Senators been elected in is amazing. Thank you America, you are restoring hope that I lost that you'd even consider electing Romney.

David Dimbleby: When Fox News becomes pessimistic, you know you are in trouble."

3:45 GMT: MovieBob gives a great quote. 

Not much to update, Florida and Ohio got closer and get more Obama, and North Carolina and Virginia do the same for Romney, which is fine by me. End it like that. Happy Happy? Possibly too good to be true. Here is Moviebobs amazing quote: Scott Brown is conceding. Hope this is only the SECOND saddest-looking white alpha-male douchebag anachronism I get to watch lose tonight ;)

And a Sombre message from the 2000 Nader campaign. Ironically, Obama missing the exact number of votes Gary Johnson has gotten. Funny how that works. 

After that twitter heavy update. Onto 3:50.

 4:00 GMT: California closes soon and I get a strange feeling

So am I the only one who keeps seeing that polls are being declared without much proof or voter turnout, I mean, I love the fact they are all being declared Obama.

This just in, California closed and immediately became Democrat, same with Washington and Hawaii. Which is beautiful. If it is believed 228 are now in the hands of Obama and only 176 in the hands of Romney. It is looking good people. We just need a few of those swing states.

Currently lots of talks about North Carolina going into the hands of Romney, which is sad, but kind of inevitable. Yeah, there we go, sorry NC Dems, let us hope the Senate (if any) and the house pulls it back. And hell, Romney barely won what was a traditional Republican stronghold, a change of the times? Let us hope so. 

Also, rumours of Jeb Bush announcing that Republicans lost Florida? Hopefully?

 Now we need the dust to settle for the west coast exploding, and the East Coast...doing nothing still? Who knows.

4:10 GMT: Romney quiet, Florida might turn Blue, Democrat keep control of Senate.

After a hard fought fight, NC caves. Florida and Jeb Bush rumours gaining strength in regards to Obama winning. 

More importantly, Democrat's keep the Senate? CNN projects so, with a record number of women, which is incredible. I'm quite overjoyed Romney has lost this so called War on Women.

And last but not least, Iowa goes Democrat CNN says. Could this thing be nearly wrapped up? Beautiful. Sense of relief here. I hope so too with you guys. 249 to 191 for Obama. 

4:20 GMT: Scenes of Partying

It seems to be turning into that Episode of South Park from 4 years ago already in Chicago, the jumping around is pretty funny. 

Fuck, that was good timing, CNN has officially made it's prediction that Obama has won, an hour before Richard Quest said he would. I imagine he will be annoyed, but I am happy. Apparently NBC also backs Obama. I think we might be done here.

I'm really happy, and relieved. CNN has gone to 274, I'm breathing out in relief. Ohio has apparently been declared for Obama, if that is true, then god damn. Now we just hopefully watch Obama wipe up the vote. Massive sense of relief. I'll get back to you guys in 5 to 10 minutes.

4: 25: BBC says : BREAKING NEWS Obama wins the critical swing state of Ohio. It's basically all over.

Apparently even Fox News has. Oh man, the Romney/Ryan ticket failed! Republican White Man tactics have collapsed! (possibly). We can dance in the streets for a bit long.

Colorado, Neveda, Virginia (Still) and Florida (Still) are the only ones left. I still don't fully trust all these predictions, but I really want to. They all seem certain.

So WOOO!!!! 

YES! Romney has lost out, a fractured Republican base didn't manage to do it, they couldn't send the country back. 

Ahh, I'll keep writing for a bit longer, but from here on in. Obama 1...Romney 0. Back to Twitter for my reward...Republican tears. 

4:35 GMT: Fox Calls Obama, Ohio Final Tally Might be different according to Rove.

Republicans immediately start building bunkers and moving into them as Fox News announces that Obama has it. Solemn silence in the Romney camp, apparently the motorcade has left the Romney Hotel. Hopefully about to give his defeat speech.

Karl Rove goes all Flori-Dem 2000 in demanding a recount. But everyone seems fairly agreed. Four...More...Years...Bitches!

Time to go watch the Romney Speech, the Obama Speech, and Fox News crying

Also, the Popular Vote thing might be the thing we need to get rid of the electoral college...Maybe? A vain hope? We will find out soon.

Also Donald Trump has gone insane. Check it out on twitter.

4:50 GMT: Still waiting for that speech as we witness some history

Everyone is just talking about disillusionment, and how bigger bastards the Republican House will be now that Barack has been re-elected.

Now I'm just going to update when the speeches come out for my closing views on the evening I think, and maybe if something major turns up. Still no results from Florida, Virginia, Colorado and Alaska...But who cares about Alaska. Also, apparently some Republican's aren't accepting Defeat.

Stay tuned I guess, though, with a great sense of relief, I can say, it is over. Now we just get to hear Romney admit he was wrong...Maybe, or perhaps he will reveal he voted Obama?

5:05 GMT: Romney Fights on?

I'm darting between CNN on the TV and BBC on the computer still, as I have done for however many hours. I think I just saw 'Romney not ready to concede'. If so, prepare for an interesting night. Also, Obama's speech soon hopefully.

Also, I hope someone compiles all those lovely Republican tweets I'm currently reading. I'm currently still focusing a bit too much on about 4 different things. As Josh said what seems like longer than 2 hours ago, when the world seemed darker, who says men can't multi-task.

4 More Year. 290-201

5:30 GMT: Still nothing

Nothing but talking to Brits and laughing at silly Republicans. Including my 'Republican Idiot of the Night'. Who shall be revealed later on once this is all over. All I will say is that this out of touch moron is currently talking about starting an anti-communist group, and that Marxism is alive and well. Amazing America, you really do breed them.

Once again, until a candidate makes a speech. Apparently the Motorcade has arrived for the Republicans. I can't wait to see those 5 pretentious fuckwit sons again. Oh man, what a great morning this is turning into. Romney also lacks a Concession speech, but he has that Victory Speech he can burn.

5:50 GMT: Taking off my headset for the first time

Safe to say the Election is over, I've taken off my headset and turned off BBC news as Dimbleby has gone insane and started repeating random words. Going to just watch CNN. Virginia declared for Obama, which is incredible.

Now Romney basically has to concede. What a night, especially the propositions that passed.

Apparently a phonecall was made between Romney and Obama, I can only imagine what they said to each other. Apparently Governor shortly. Stay tuned, hopefully at 6 O'clock GMT. If you've stayed up this late in Britain, or if you are one of our American viewers watching, then prepare to see the end of this historic event coming...hopefully, say any shenanigans, very soon.

5:55 GMT: Apparently scheduled time for Romney's concession speech

And let's get this straight, apparently it is a concession speech, Florida and Virginia went for Obama, and meaning I was right in every prediction bar Virginia. Damn. I'll take that. Speech time. Here we go. Mitt Romney, your time is now.

Congratulates Obama, concedes. Congratulates Paul Ryan, setting up Paul Ryan for a successor? Oh god.
Generic speech territory now, he is playing it cool, no crying here tonight. He is playing the typical defeated candidate role. Making the speech whilst Florida still undeclared, No Al Gore, Republican's can't claimed they were robbed. America spoke, and America spoke firmly.

Crowd being surprisingly nice as well, very little booing, quite a lot of cheering. Maybe they think they won, fox style denial. 303 to 203 is at the bottom of the screen. Try argue with 100 college votes. This is about salting the earth so the Republican House has no grounds to stand on.

And here come the children and stuff, and the grandchildren. Look at the family of losers (too harsh, oh well). So yeah, surprisingly nice speech, annoyingly. No tears, no hate, just false kindness.

Now to wait until Obama's appears.

6:10 (actually 6:40) GMT:  Obama Speech, finally.

He looks so damn authoritative. Hopefully this will give him the chance to secure his place in History as an extraordinary man and politician. As long as the Republican's don't get their way.

War of seperation from British. Check.
Congratulate Romney/Ryan now they are soundly beat. Check.
Call Joe Biden an endearing nickname that will last for ever. Check.
Praise Family and marriage. Check.

Despite the jokes, this is great. Just think what could've been, and think that we now have this. We have four more years. AND, I just saw, Obama thoroughly won the popular vote at 83%, and hopefully it shall remain.

Auto-bailouts Check.
Military Pride Check.
Middle East reference involving Democracy Check.

It might be a bit of what makes you rich...Being Rich? Nah I won't ruin the moment. Just listen and enjoy Aaron, listen and enjoy.

Just go back and listen to this.

Sandy! There we go, that took long enough, and Health Care. Double strike, combo.

I'm glad I stayed up and watched this. It is a fitting way to end what has been a fantastic evening.

Woah, Chills. And there you have it, he talked solidly, he spoke well, he spoke meaning and, as always, he spoke hope.

And he played some damn nice music.

That is all from me on a special morning in early November. I hope you enjoyed this evening/morning as much as I did.


  1. Yay Obama! Great coverage and updates :)

    1. Haha, relief doesn't even describe it. Thank you, it has been great. I'm gonna wrap it up with the Obama speech, whenever he gets around to it.

      Here is one more great quote from Republican twitter for the road
      -"I bet Obama supporters will be celebrating all night since they don't have a job to go to in the morning"

      With tantrums like that, hopefully it will be a great four years.

  2. big big hug as promised. Well done, Aaron. Great result for all of us.

    1. Thank you very much, a hug I am more than happy to receive. What a night and what a result. 4 More Years indeed!

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