Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Video Game News: My Experience with War of the Roses so far

So under the advice of a friend, I decided to do something I rarely do (for evidence of my lack of partaking in this dark art, see here). I pre-ordered a game. And not any game, a risky investment. A game done by former Multiplayer flops, Fatshark. (Note, I don't believe Fatshark are bad developers...though if you had asked me during that atrocious launch I might have said otherwise. Just unlucky). So yes, I've played about 12 hours at this point, before I was hit by a terrible affliction known as university deadlines. But yes, now I'm going to show you some of my more fun moments from my first ten hours. Yes, just like a bad family member after a holiday. Enjoy.I also just saw yesterday they are planning to add all this new stuff

My very first screenshot, at the point of which you can actually take a screenshot, having successfully slapped a bitch to the floor, and proceeding to execute him. I'm pretty sure the game has, at most 5 executions that I've actually seen, and this is probably the most stupid, a kind of slamming your shield on their neck. Notice I'm the generic, really shit footman class.

I remember I thought this would be funny because I have an arrow in the knee...What a wanker. This is what the death screen looks like. A kind of Left 4 Dead kind of Resurrection system. I quite like it, it allows for a nice feeling of finishing people off, or quickly turning the tide by adding more bodies. I never leave home without the quick revive.

Bitch got Fished. (I honestly said that aloud once).

This might be the most people I'll ever see on War of the Roses if the popularity has died. I should really get back on it. Soon you will see the awesome man my character would become.

Go Sons of Lannister! Lancaster!

So this happened a depressing amount during the opening 24 hours so I'm told. I got really annoyed. I even left some quite mean comments on the Steam discussion. I have since come to regret my rash actions.

I thought this guy looked rather Rhagaer-ish. I like Targeryen's for Breakfast. Plus, we all know he died in a Ford.

This is my only custom class in his very basic stage. I couldn't afford heavy armour or a decent helmet. So he looked like a generic guard. But he has good fun taking down all those proud lords, with their heads held so high. He always kept the double sword, though a very small portion of the fanbase seems to have been calling them lame. I think they are jealous.

So from here on in, I think I stopped taking pictures of actual scenes for the most part. Here is my guy, almost as he rests at the moment, he has a better helmet, and an axe, and a couple of those expensive 'Style/Metal' choices. 

I really wish I had had a better helmet on for this shot, it looks rather fetching, I probably should have sent it into the competition, though I imagine everyone and their cat tried the execution screenshot. I have a screenshot with me killing 4 people. I think that was one of the rounds where I got the achievement Grand Player (get me).

Here is a rare shot for me, of my character about to have his eye removed, while his mouth is covered by this lovely man. As you can see from the killing field on the bottom right, we were getting our arse kicked. I quite like the fact you see the death from the guy's perspective, the immersion is quite awesome, if only you could choose when you were executing as well.

This helmet is for complete nutters. It is called the frog helm, and they aren't lying when they say if you use this outside of Jousting...you are a mong.

Though you can cheat by pressing the tab button, then you can see everything around you. I think that should probably be sorted out. Quite unfair, but the frog helm is barely worth it, so maybe not. They also have much more pressing issues.

And the War of the Roses squad system could also use some work. As cool/useful as it is to spawn next to your 'about to be killed' friend. It is really gay when you are about to kill an enemy, only for two of his guys to appear from nowhere, ready to kick your ass and harvest your organs.

There you go...the customization option, and that is the very nicely named Illyn Payne. (Yes, still on the Game of Thrones high). I think he still looks exactly like that.

And finally you may see my crest of arms, the good crest of the great house Chapkatsu, known for it's love of long swords, stupidly ornate head design, and fish...They fucking love Fish. 

If I have enough material to make another War of the Roses screenshot marathon I will. That really depends on them. If they update the game, and if they patch it enough that the fanbase alive and kicking, then hell yeah. I'm in. It is a fun game, with unique armour mechanics, and I'm interested in playing more, and with other people.

If you want to play with a longsword playing gimp, add me on Steam. Here.


  1. What i know about this game could be writen on a postage stamp (Is Richard 3rd going to offer his kingdom for a horse..see?) but i love your enthusiasm which makes you great to read.

    1. I wish Richard the 3rd was in this, I think a valid mission objective could be 'liberate the princes in the tower'. As it stands it is just a quite generic killathon.

      On a side note, it is kind of sad that the first game based on the War of the Roses was made by Swedes.

  2. Is that a slur on swedes? Or are you sorry we dont appreciate our own heritage until we find some interesting bones in a car park?

    1. Nah, full credit to the swedes, and yeah, precisely, not that the British Video Game industry is probably in much of a state to make them at the moment, but History has a bunch of cool scenario inspirations.

      Though Sweden totally can't get mad now if Lord British makes 'Great Northern War: The Game' now.

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