Sunday, 7 October 2012

Three Month Reflection Filler Extravaganza

Every so often it seems to be a given that an organisation (and What About Cynics is an organisation in the very loosest use of the word) will write something on an important anniversary that is reflective, humble, and hopefully poignant. As no-one has ever been sure how long What About Cynics will last, then I feel now is an ideal time as any to get it out of the way for a while, that and up until 2 days ago, I had nothing to post. Now I found myself with a bloated Political Rambling and a screenshot filled rant at a contemporary game, which is the blogging equivalent of a gold mine.

So yes, 90 days (ish, damn you Romans) have passed since three plucky, depressive, apathetic got talking about my past failed blogging experience, and decided to try and make our own internet experiment. About now I should talk about how we dedicated ourselves to a high quality of work, like some cheesy supermarket chain, but really we just wrote what we pleased. Currently we have 62 published articles, 5 in draft. That works out over one every 2nd day, much higher than I originally thought. And the amount of views we have received have been beyond expectation, given that we aren't on any preexisting site and so can't be easily linked up like youtube or flickr, we've had to pry people out of their internet bubbles, as I write this the view'o'meter rests on 22,007, across 89 countries In the grand scale of the internet, not much, in the context of a small blog that has virtually nothing but writing, a 10 issue webcomic,an unpublished podcast, and several let's plays to its name, in the parlance of our times...Everything went better than expected.

Pictured, plucky depressives, it has been speculated that I was the only one playing video games.

So, now if I'm pretending this is an award show (which I am), then I suppose this would be the part when I thank people...But that is kind of lame, basically, if you've contributed, big thanks, if you've read any of this site, and told me you like it, again, thank you, you have no idea how motivating it is, it is safe to say I don't do this for the money. The two followers we have who aren't us, thanks to you guys, and if you do read this Follow us, it is morale boosting, and I swear you don't even get updated, I certainly don't seem to.Umm, thanks to anyone who has read and not told me, if you do know me, mention it, I'll only be flattered, and my ego is in dire need of inflation. And thanks to my two fellow gimps  Cynics, they are infinitely better at this than I'll ever be.

Now that is out the way, time for some stuff for us to enjoy in prosperity. If anyone is interested in our top 5 article, here we go:

So people love the Game of Thrones, Ponies, and Porn, is what we learnt from this experiment so far. Oh and pictures, a picture will get you a 1000 more viewers than a word. So really, we learnt nothing about the internet we didn't already know. Talk about shameless.

So yeah, that was an easy article, and all I had to do was appear a bit lame for a while. But I pointed out that I was lame, and so that redeems me completely. Oh the Internet, you are so simple to master. I guess the next one will be at half a year, or a year, or a suitably impressive number of views. Perhaps my election as premier of quebec, or our first advertisement based payment. Whichever comes first.


  1. Review? I think the three of you are talented writers and the webcomic is genius.

    1. That's very sweet of you to say

    2. High praise, thank you, it is appreciated.

  2. Its now nearly a year so it would be interesting to know what has changed.