Tuesday, 30 October 2012

News Blast: Disney Buys Lucasfilm, Announces Star Wars VII + Q&A

That title says it all, in 2015 we will be getting a new Star Wars film, but this will not just be another George Lucas milking of the franchise, we have a new farmer my friends...We have...Disney?! No, this is not April the 1st.

Both of these faces are now owned by Disney, now sit down and tell me how that makes you feel.

Obviously this raises about a 100 questions in the minds of absolutely everyone. 

1. Is my childhood doomed?

Yes, it is very possible, equally however, under the leadership of Disney, Marvel has produced the Avengers, arguably one of the most Nerd-friendly movies, and highest grossing in ages. So possibly not.

2. How can Disney keep doing this?
Money...Lots and lots of Money, we can also assume that George Lucas is giving up on the Star Wars business at this point. Let us hope that John Lassiter can give us a better shot.

3. Will Star Wars Detours still be going ahead?
For Seth Green's career...I sure hope not.

4. Is Princess Leia now a Disney Princess?

I just don't know anymore!

5. What is the funniest picture you have in the short hour the news has been announced?

Glad you asked, definitely this:

6.  How will this effect the Warner Bros/Disney Cold War?

I should think heavily in favour of Disney, remember, the youth of today love the new three Star Wars, and the Clone Wars is in like it's 5th season or whatever. Add to the fact that Clone Wars and all sorts of Star Wars programming is currently on the Cartoon network/Warner Bros bloc at the moment, and this acquisition could be quite troublesome for what was already the losing side in this cartoon war?

7. Will Warner Bros buy Star Trek in Response?

God I hope so. Wonder Woman is the one person Kirk has yet to sleep with...and I think Bat-mite and Q could learn a lot off each other.

8. Imagine all the possibilities this could unlock.

I think this is more of a command or a statement, but yeah, there certainly are some, the aforementioned Lassiter factor could be invaluable. Equally giving Brad Bird some space in a Star Wars scenario could be amazing.

9, Pixar could totally make a new *place thing here* using this contract.

Yes...Yes they could

10. Will you go see Star Wars 7?

Of...Fucking...Course. Even if by the time they make it I will be...Oh god, 23. 

So yes, Disney now owns everything but DC in the pantheon of precious childhood memories. Remember how Disney stores could saturated with Marvel shit after the buy out. Well, prepare for a new place to get Star Wars figures from.

Oh, and prepare for a Star Wars/Phineas and Ferb crossover Ala Mission: Marvel...Isn't capitalism great?

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  1. There's already a Jedi training camp in place - as long as no-one sues if Darth Vaders helmet comes off and its John-who-cleans-the-loos!