Monday, 1 October 2012

Games people should have played: Part 1: Lead and Gold - Gangs of the Wild West

Every so often, a moment of great serendipity occurs and someone (in this case myself) will be exposed to something (in this case Lead and Gold) that they wouldn't have otherwise witnessed. This cataclysmic event often culminates in the form of half baked articles on partially successful Internet blogs, and today you are reading just such a blog. For more hilarious screenshot based fun, look no further

About a year ago, I was on a massive cowboy binge in the most heterosexual way possible. I believe it was caused by playing Call of Juarez, which consequently made me play the 2nd Call of Juarez game, followed by a whole slew of shitty cowboy flash games, and a massive urge to buy Red Dead Redemption (ultimately resisted due to the lack of console at the time). As such, when a steam daily deal flashed up with a cowboy game, you can bet mouse buttons were clicked fast, and thus I came into the ownership of Lead and Gold - Gangs of the Wild West. A game made by the team behind War of the Roses, the soon to be realised historical multiplayer team game, and part of the season why I've chosen now to do this... postmortem.

Now I really liked what I played of Lead and Gold, but that is the problem, I couldn't play very much. In what I think is the first example I have ever come across. A new game I purchased, had virtually no-one on it. I think I got to play 4 or so, half full games, which were really good fun.

Pictured is me playing as the suave, black fellow of the piece, the deputy. Also pictured, a 2nd player, a rarity, even back then.

So skip forward to today, and here we are. 25 players online, no games for ten minutes. Well, all except one lone fellow. It was all very sad, it is a well constructed game which feels good, looks good and plays well. As to why it doesn't have a small, dedicated player base is beyond me. I can only assume, like me, it got ignored at launch, and after that, it was too late.

Pictured: The last two knights of the old school, the courageous Doktor, and his plucky sidekick, Mullvaden^. Together we duelled many an AI, but it just wasn't the same. 

They came, and we slaughtered them in their thousands (or tens). When going against very sporadic waves, the game feels slow, and the 4 classes become noticeably lacklustre.

 This action packed jump would've been that much more awesome had there been anyone but faithful Mullvaden^ on.

But even Mullvaden eventually left, this is my last image with him on it. If, somehow, you stumble upon this, you were probably the last person I played this game with, and for that I thank you. Anyway, this is the Gunslinger, he purely has a pistol, but can fire 6 shots in rapid succession for high damage, lethal close range, versatile to the max.

Then we have Lead and Gold's very own Stinky Pete, the Prospector. As you can probably tell by the image, he has a mean double shot gun, and an explosive fitting to his mining nature. His pistol is a slower firing, heavier damage one. He is designed to break stalemates by sheer force of gunpowder, a heavier class, useful in areas such as mines or indoors. 

Then we have the class I remember having the most fun with, the waist-coated, would be played by a young Samuel L Jackson in the never happening Lead and Gold movie, the deputy! He works on a mid-range distance, not really excelling at either, but being completely competent at both. His bolt action rifle, natural speed, and light pistol all fit well for this classic western trope. He also has a marking system, which only is really useful when you have players to mark.

And finally, the generic sniper class, happens to be a woman, has overpowered sniper rifle, lays traps. I can use the lack of things I have to write about this class to neatly conclude my 'Class introductions' to a game that absolutely nobody plays. Maybe one day Steam will have a free weekend, or a midweek madness, dedicated to Lead and Gold.

And now, as I move to conclude this article, I say, let us not look at the past Fatshark, but to the glorious future. In less than 24 hours, your new game, War of the Roses shall be release, and I, and the other fine gentlemen who pre-ordered this game will embark upon a tale of medieval mayhem. Is it doomed to the fate Lead and Gold was? Hopefully not, as long as the game itself is well constructed, enough people seem to have pre-ordered it to guarantee that this game will have a fan base for long enough to come. 


  1. Let us know how War of The Roses goes.

    1. Thanks,Will do, less than an hour until release now. Getting excited. Annoying lack of preload though.

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