Sunday, 2 September 2012

WaC Webcomic Behind the Scenes: AGoT Board Game Project

Here is a couple of images from our up coming webcomics on the A Game of Thrones Board Game, as such the characters of us are based upon the six house factions in the game, the adventures they embark upon shall be surmising hopefully the mishaps that appear whilst we play the Board Game. 

So without further ado, Simon Baratheon.

  • Cold and Calculating, he will make sure that all kneel in his quest for the kingdom, he does not play the Game of Thrones to make friends, and in the end, he plans to win. A strategist without equal, his power lies at sea, his fortress of Dragonstone as isolated as he is. A common foe against Martell and Lannister, he uses his position on the throne to command the loyalty forcefully of those who would oppose him

  • In many ways an opposite to Baratheon, Stark believes in making alliances, and using them to his advantage. Putting less faith in numbers, and more in brute strength and bluff, calling others to aid him where his own strength won't suffice. While not at the top of any of the tracks, he is very high on all three, his power-base in the north allowing him to look imposing, far removed from the conflicts of the south.
Those are the first two character drafts, within the next few days I'll be posting up the next two, Lannister and Martell. 

Until then, we have plenty more webcomics here:  Webcomics

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