Monday, 17 September 2012

WaC Webcomic 9: The Apathetic Hero 3, The Secret Date

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So from the violence and actions of the Undependables, now we move back to our Apathetic Hero, you know him from adventures with Pokémon and Zombies, but our intrepid explorer of pop culture has now journeyed down into the most exposed recess of the Internet. Ponydom (I refuse to call it any variation of the word brony, for reasons that will no doubt be stated in another article).

This was actually the first idea generated by someone who wasn't either myself or my artist/girlfriend, Helene. Harvey (Billy Bob) came up with this, seemingly as an overt way to taunt Simon, but I think it is pretty cute. I'm really happy with how the lighting effect came out, and I think they look genuinely quite happy. Overall, I'd say a success. This is also the first comic where we take a hold of our new found ability to talk. Simple but effective. We try and keep words down to a minimum, nothing is more annoying in webcomics, as Yahtzee pointed out, than too many words.

So yeah, next I'm fairly sure is the Game of Thrones project which I have realised some concepts on, or it will be an 'in-depth' (Read: trivialised) look into feminism. I don't think we have another Apathetic Hero in the works. And soon I'm really going to have to plan out that storyline opening.

All that and more in the next 1-2 weeks.

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