Friday, 28 September 2012

Rambling: Videos of the...Week? Month?

This was an idea chucked around at the beginning of What About Cynics as a way to fill up a slot by posting other peoples content that we had found during our extensive time on the Internet. Now I found myself in a unique position where I have accumulated three Internet videos I want to (admittedly, very minimally) increase the exposure of, and give my two cents on. (Does that become two pence for the British?).

It was originally purposed that we would each select a video, but my colleagues are currently presumed dead, so you get my three choices. Starting with....

This very surreal scene from the microlight of the American Election battle. Now Beck informs me that today is apparently National Voter Registration day in America, so I guess that makes this as good a time as any to talk about this. 

Beck: The sexiest advocate of Registering to vote

Anyway, one hastily shoehorned in picture of Beck later, and I'm ready to discuss this short but sweet exchange of what appears to be either an incredibly stupid or amazingly apathetic girl admitting that the County Clerk office of El Paso are paying her to only register those who would vote for Romney.

Now if they ever turn Safeway Voter Registration into a movie about political corruption at the very lowest levels of the politic system, then I'm really not sure who the protagonist would be. The obvious choice is "golddiggermom", but she is obviously too much of a dick as well. I think if anything, the El Paso county clerk should probably be the hero of the piece, trying to work out who ruined his good name.

Here is a mock up I through together in about ten minutes. I call it "Mitt Romney, the disaster years"

Now I'm not sure what the value of covering this video is (or any of these videos) as it seems fairly obscure in the realms of political scandal. But it might just kick off, I believe the BBC has an article on it already, and as a Brit, that is basically my way of telling when news is important or not. 

Though they did just run an article called "Ups and Downs: Why so many British gardens have trampolines". So maybe my system for judging news is wrong.

I don't think I really need to say that much about this video. Clearly it is just a pretty terrible joke Mitt Romney made back in the mid-2000s when the world was young. Berating him for this is pretty easy pickings when there is so much other good shit to berate him for, like seriously, the guy comes out with about one piece of gold per week, and he doesn't drink. Yeesh.

I'm probably going to do an article on Mitt Romney nearer the time, though so Mr Obama informed me today, the election is very soon. I think I can probably stretch out my A2 module on American politics into a blog post. Stay tuned for that hum-dinger. As the famous picture says, I'm really not sure at this point if Obama is guaranteed to win, or if I live in a wishwashy eco-liberal bubble where we all agree nicely (Read: Europe).

*Insert the Innocence of Muslims here. Someone, who will remain unnamed (Billy Bob) questioned the stance Adsense would take on us hosting the Innocence of Muslims, I personally figured because Youtube, who Google own anyway, refused to take it down, then the chances were high for a green light, but why take that chance. So here is the link, just incase you hadn't seen it*

Now I'm assuming putting this on here won't get me in trouble. Considering YouTube already front paged it, and they are run by google, then it would be pretty hypocritical of Google adsense to punish me for publishing it on this only mildly seen blog. I mean, come on, you put it on the front of youtube.

Anyway, the Innocence of Muslims is the "film", though I guarantee all anyone has seen is the same 14 minutes I have, that caused a bunch of riots around a bunch of predominantly Middle Eastern (though I remember reading it spread into Asia as well) Muslim countries over the portrayal of their prophet Muhammad.

Now the 14 minutes of the Innocence of Muslims we get to see aren't particularly good from a movie point of view, there are a couple of funny points, but given that this is a cut up of the actual film, I was expecting more funny. A stand out bit for me is the "We will make it half the Torah and half the New Testament". I think we can all agree that no-one deserved to die over this, or even take note of it. It isn't a clever deconstruction of all the things wrong with Islam. It calls him gay, and shows him condoning the unsavoury things his men do, and obviously it is a "sin" to show Muhammad in the first place...for some reason.

I think it is probably worth watching, just so you can feel very disconnected. I think favourably we can assume that the violence was predominantly a bunch of crazies who happened to be Muslims. At least that is how I justify it. The comments on YouTube make that stance, but then again, the comments on YouTube say a lot, very little of it positive.


I discovered this last night, I think it is a nice continuation of the Obama/Romney theme. I really like SLJ's Dr Seuss impression. I think this deserves some coverage, and massive Kudos to SLJ for making this.

Edit: They seem to be removing these at a rate of knots. If this one gets taken down, I will upload my own copy onto the whataboutcynics youtube. 

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