Tuesday, 28 August 2012

WaC Webcomic 8: The Undependables

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There is a reason no-one ever calls on us to save the world, other than the obvious factor of being completely incapable. But, if, for a crazy moment we said that we were the unstoppable bad-asses of any generic Hollywood blockbuster (Picture 1), then the chances of us actually getting anything done would be near minimal, between Simon's inhuman need for sleep, Harvey being consistently late to every life event, and  my apathy for leaving the house, the world is almost definitely doomed to the impending Revolution/Bomb/Alien Invasion/Bank robbery. I bet Nick Fury regrets hiring the Undependables now!

This one was actually done in record time, I think the actual picture itself, and all the colouring was completed within a 24 hour period, fairly impressive if you think Me and Helene operate on completely different sleeping patterns across two countries (Only one hour time difference, yet about 6 hours between when we go to bed). My favourite parts of this include the fine looking explosions, as from what I've seen of the action movies of this year, they all have Michael Bay fever (except 'The Raid' which I heavily recommend if you haven't already seen it, best action movie of the year, yes, that includes DKR)

It is also my pleasure to inform you that very soon we shall be embarking on the very daring process of 'a story arc'. Scary stuff, it sounds like it will require effort, and won't just be able to pander to whatever is/was popular whenever we feel like it. But don't worry, we have at least two more parodies before then, and another installment of the fabled legend of the savior that never wanted to be, the Apathetic Hero. Stay tuned/logged in. 

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