Sunday, 12 August 2012

WaC Webcomic 6: The Apathetic Hero Returns

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Presenting, our first, pseudo-sequel. The Apathetic Hero 2, Apathetic Hero Returns. Notable flaws in this one are my tiny hands and how goofy I look in a tank top, but it worked out really well I think, Helene did an amazing job on the explosion and the zombies, as well as the return of our amazing A-H, bathed in light after saving our asses. I think he makes a great hero, a Napoleon Dynamite for the 10s, unbelievable skilled, unwilling, and unbeatable.

The general joke here is that Simon is the best at video gaming amongst us, especially when it goes to team based games, while his team work may lack finesse, he is an incredible player, and often bails either me or Harvey out of situations, sometimes even both. This is loosely based on Left 4 Dead, more than once has our break from the safe room been delayed by someone falling at the first hurdle, this unexpected fall completely breaks flow and will often lead to a costly start.

I really like our action poses at the beginning as well, it reinforces the ball numbing stupidity we exhibit when we fuck up a basis run through, and the stark contrast between feeling awesome in a video game zombie shoot out, and feeling like a fool. I also like the 3rd panel, just because while I look like I know what I am doing, without Simon I would definitely be fucked.

Anyway, I imagine there will be more Apathetic Heroes, if only because I have a bunch of funny titles in store. Later folks

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