Friday, 3 August 2012

WaC Webcomic 3: Sleeping Beauty

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And so we hit issue three, a prodigious event in world history, as it marks the time we have gotten really ahead of ourselves. Despite being our 4th published on this site, me and Helene have 3 other drawings at  various levels of completion, one is even fully coloured, but isn't being released for super special continuity reasons. That is right, our little webcomic on the edge of the Internet has continuity, got to love what you do. 

Anyway, onto the subject at hand. This is a subject very close to my heart, aka, the sleeping pattern of Simon, in this crazy world we live in, I like to think one constant is we all have a friend who sleeps all together too much. There are only certain times of the day you can be sure that three of us will be on, and that usually induced by the downright appalling sleep patterns we indulge in, out of us, none can stay up as late, nor sleep as long as the golden haired wonder himself. I imagine if you woke up at about 10, and vowed not to move until he was on, it is likely you could skeletonise (apparently an actual word, I'm sceptical) in the wait.
Interestingly enough, due to a simplified colour pallet and general simplicity of the joke/lack of detail, this one was turned over in a record time, I am however, very glad that at least me and Harvey now have a stock image of us at a computer, I have a feeling those will come in very useful down the line, hopefully Simon in bed will be a one off though. 

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