Wednesday, 1 August 2012

WaC Webcomic 2: Fanboy Wars

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So here we have the second in our developing series of webcomics. WaC WeC, WaC WaC. Something like that, the name is a work in progress. As I speak we (Helene) is drawing the next one. Interestingly enough, I coloured this one, a far harder task than you imagine, there is reasons why comics like Megatokyo are done predominantly in black and white. The reason I was colouring is because soon she will be back in Denmark, with all my expensive equipment still in Britain, so basically, I had best work out how to use it.

Anyway, the comic, number 2 is a one shot again, the Dark Knight Rises had some fall out between the three of us, the aim here was to capture that. Incidentally it also worked out well, as it can now be a banner for this lovely article.

Harvey, ardent defender of Christopher Nolan in everything he does, has been definitely the most receptive to the latest and last instalment of the Nolan/Batman saga. As is witnessed by that article up there, I have tended to fall on the opposite side of that argument, generally thinking that the Nolan writing team sacrificed a little too much from the comic books, I could go on, but I really feel we covered it up there. Meanwhile, as a nice offset to the frequent shots traded over whether the comics are important. Simon has been fairly solid in his stance that Batman is a pretty terrible character and depressingly, his reasons frequently make sense. 

As with all Fanboy wars, the argument is completely useless and circular, but it won't stop us doing it all again tomorrow. Until then, stay tuned for more comics.

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