Saturday, 11 August 2012

Sleeping Dogs PC and Pre-ordering in General

Over the past maybe 4 weeks, video gaming has posed to me a question that I don’t often have to ask myself, or maybe video gaming always poses me that question, but I just frequently choose to ignore it. However, for some reason I have been finding myself suspiciously drawn to the Steam pre-order deal of Sleeping Dogs. Now pre-ordering is something I wouldn’t expect a man who partakes in a website with cynics in the name to buy into, and I barely ever do; I’m fairly sure the last game I pre-ordered was Batman Arkham City, and before then is absolutely anyone’s guess, I have seriously no idea. So we can agree that pre-ordering is not a common hobby for me, it is a combination of a lack of faith that a game will be good, and also Steam ruining/improving me into thinking that the game will be half price within the year, so why bother.

It might have been this, I can't even remember, wouldn't make sense though, as Ubisoft never release a PC game on time. 

Finding myself in this strange position of want, I didn't know what to do. The game is currently 10% off at £26.99, not overly bad for a brand new, seemingly triple A game, but still a lot of money considering I think the last thing I bought was the amazing Payday for £3.74. Then we have the fact that if you pre-order you get some weird limit addition stuff, with new moves, clothes, a mission a gun and you know, all that other generic stuff that will be released 1 month after it comes out for about 6 pounds. I've never really been a fan of all that extra stuff, I don't notice if I don't have it, and I barely notice when I do have it. I mean, I probably won't even recognise which special punch that this GSP MMA fighter guy uses, and even if I do, I have no idea what GSP stands for, so who cares. Also, the police stuff seems like a big set back in this guys mission to be an undercover cop, maybe they are trying to punish me for pre-ordering.

Anyway, so onto the actual game itself, kind of. I've been doing something I rarely do pre-release of a game, such befits this extraordinary circumstance, I've been looking at live streams, early lets plays and demos. Kotaku has a 2 hour live stream here that I've watched in its entirety. 

and also this pretty awesome video of a guy from the team talking through how they haven't abandoned the PC version like the aforementioned scum of Ubisoft. 

Now that impressed me, the TF2 items are by the by, I was a pretty big TF2 player, but in the past year I have fallen out of the grove of playing it, as have quite a few of the people I used to play with, so they would just be more hats on the pile of hats I already have, not really selling it either way. The actual support for the PC that the guy mentions is a big plus though, as well as the gamepad support.

I remember before any of the trailers except for the live action one was out, a man from the production claimed that it was a glorious mix of GTA open world, Max Payne Slo-mo shooting, Assassins creed free running, and Arkham combat, if all these were true, I thought, I was so totally there. Now with the hindsight of having watched 2 hours of gameplay, I can say that they were about 3 quarters right, and that might just be enough, the combat looks like it lacks of the "umphf" of Arkham City, but that might be because a complete retard was behind the controls in the live stream for most of the combat, the interactive fighting environment reminds me of Jackie Chan movies, of which I am a particular fan, the free running also looks good, properly converted, the driving looks meh, but I'm not a fan of driving, and the shooting looks predictably Hardboiled/Max Payne, but neither of those were bad games by far, so I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt.
Don't judge a game by it's cover, this one is fairly generic

So overall I think I'm leaning towards buying it, I still have 6 days from when I am writing this to make a decision. No doubt all this thinking won't be worth it when I just cave and buy it anyway, and then you'll get to read about how I did/didn't enjoy it, for 27 pounds, you can bet I'm going to write shitloads about it. See you in six days time. 

Don't let those 8 or so paragraphs of text fool you, the real reason I will end up buying it is the ability to date Emma Stone. Though disappointingly, not Lucy Liu. 

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