Friday, 27 July 2012

Why Aquaman #1 annoyed me

Another pleasant diversion from a blog long gone, Aquaman has been one of the few consistent members of the New 52, so prepare for another article on him soon.

Just a quick one today, touching briefly on the subject of a single issue of the New 52 re releases. Aquaman.

Now I'm aware that he isn't the most popular super hero, and ever since Family Guy jumped onboard the "Lets rag on Aquaman" train, my affection for him has become even less understood.

So picture the scene when I open up issue #1 and see this up there, promptly before he cuts a truck in half. I was like "****, thank you DC!". My joy didn't last long though, as swiftly after, some policemen remark something along the lines of "Oh man, I can't believe we got stitched up by Aquaman". I pause, and dismiss it, a casual reference, nothing more will come of it.

However, something did come of it. The rest of the damn issue. Including this delightful picture here.

Now, entertain this logic for a moment. If I buy Aquaman #1, the chances are, I probably LIKE Aquaman, and I don't want my entire comic after page 2 being about this perceived image that he is somehow an inferior superhero.

I will definitely be skimming through #2 before I make my choice.

I won't lie.

I was half hoping for this

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