Tuesday, 31 July 2012

WaC Webcomic 1: A Little Note

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So here we go, the glorious 1st comic, for now, until we get it down to a fine art, it will continue to be a series of comical sketches, we are unsure about the amount the characters will say at this time, but generally, the less the better I think.

This scene actually happened in our real life, save Harvey dressed as a king, and the actual heart attack, so really only the good bits remained. Simon did stare at me like he wanted to kill me for quite a long time, but after 5 years you get used to that. It certainly got a laugh from around the table.

You might recognise the board game of which we are playing, or at least the general shape of it, it is Westeros, as of late, as you might be able to tell from someone's articles, we all quite enjoy the Game of Thrones board game, Simon may just have it more down than all of us, and sometimes his double prolonged Greyjoy attack can really feel like a death note straight to the heart attack.

Anyway, that is the 1st comic done, quite a lot of effort, definitely worth it, wonder where we will go from here, guess I'd better get planning, and Helene drawing...Lord knows what the other two will do, plot my demise probably.

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