Thursday, 12 July 2012

Comics: New 52 Justice League

 This is an article I did for an old site, however, I feel as I plan to continue the comic rift, there is value in them being transferred over here. It also saves them for future generations. Hoorah.

Ever since the League's first appearance in 1960, the simple logic of, "If we throw all our big sellers into a single franchise, that franchise will make tons of money forever" has won through, this trend shows no signs of weakening as Justice League #1 of the new 52 has reached its sixth reprint, the highest of the impressive volume of demand generated by the New 52 (and seemingly by everyone’s collective urge to get their own 'Number #1s'). 

Now there is a reason why these things sell well, and that is because not only do they throw everyone together, they usually do it pretty damn well. Justice League had the prestigious honour of being the first out of the gates within the New 52, written by General DC heavyweight Geoff Johns and Drawn by All-rounder Jim Lee. The basic line-up was announced as who you see in the above picture. From left to right (though they need no introduction) Aquaman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman (With trousers that never did materialise) Superman, Batman, the Flash and Cyborg. Now as to quite what Cyborg is doing there is a good question, though as he hasn't actually appeared yet, we will save that for a later date, and with characters such as Green Arrow and Deadman, slated as some examples of fringe members.

Now with the back-story over, we move onto issue 1, which, as previous stated, has seen massive sale numbers. The comic starts off by showing us that this happens at whatever you would define as early days in this increasingly strange system of chronology that DC seems to be avoiding. Superheroes are apparently a new thing, and the authorities are not taking kindly to the three members of the JL we start off with, Batman, Superman and Green Lantern, the chemistry is pretty perfect between the three, with each of their personalities clashing, and an out of control Superman being our 'threat' of the issue.

Number 2 then introduces the Flash as our next member to enter the fray, in a method which I really like, the introduction of one character per issue (Bar obviously issue 1). Though my like of this may merely be from the fact it is delaying the rise of Cyborg. The second follows a pretty solid course, the interaction once again comes out on top, with the Flash/Green Lantern bloc providing humour and the idea that a team of these guys could actually work out. The Flash steals the show with comments about both his own secret identity and Batman's theoretical powers that made me feel I got to know his new self more in this than I did in the actual Flash, and that is a good result, and then at the end we see. Next Time: Wonder Woman

And behold, next issue, there on the cover, we have DC's poster girl herself, though suspicious missing those trousers all the feminists and white knights were ranting about on /co/, but I'm sure they will live, as long as we aren't throwing her back into the 40s here, I'm sure all is good. The plot starts to thicken, we get a hint of what could possibly be a big enough problem to warrant DC's bravest, we get to see Wonder Woman kick ass, Hal Jordan...Swash-buckles, lots of wise cracks, Solid Action, everything is dandy...AND THEN!

Holy....****. Look at him...He is glorious!

Anyway, that outburst aside. Look at him! This is what I'm talking about when it comes to the Justice League, Flash being cooler than he is in Flash, Aquaman kicking more ass in one panel than he has done in 2 issues (that I’ve read, thus far), and well, Batman being in everything....But still, it is Batman, you can't over milk Batman right?

So there you have it, soon we will have Justice League #4, at the end of which, Cyborg will probably turn up, and then, as they say...somewhere in the various walks of life...Shit just got real. Like most of the New 52 that Justice League kicked off, the real test will come in the staying power that these franchises have after the first 5-10 issues have faded and the honeymoon is over. There are some I am confident about and others...Not so much. We will see how it plays out.

And I will be here, always watching. Always judging. So until then, buy Justice League if you haven't already, which you almost definitely have at this point. So read it again, or just wait until Thanksgiving has passed and they start handing out the goods again =]. Either works. I'm not going to tell you how to live your life...Not yet anyway.

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