Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Crusader Kings GoT Mod: Part 1

A very different Westeros in screen shots: Game of Thrones

After the inferior part 1 and it's success, here is the greatly improved Part 2

A hilarious little filler of an article, hopefully going to lead to other, full play-throughs of the popular Game of Thrones Mod for Crusader Kings 2. Also, just in case anyone gets confused, this is clearly a terrible fictional universe where the lord of Tarth was a completely retard.

I'm actually hoping the show ends up this way (Also, please excuse Brienne face, as you can tell, they are hit and miss, I could probably dedicate an article to hilarious looking character alone)

The War of Independence for Oldtown might have been the shortest ever, 27 days, the time it took for Mace Tyrell to march back and kill Leyton Oldtower in a duel...The bastard.

An incredibly fucked up world occurs due to characters very central to the show dying off, I believe Hoster Tully and Jon Arryn died in the same day. Either way, Eddard died a maimed cripple in the wars, so here is Benjin Stark, lord of Winterfell. This isn't even the worst.

Tyrion Lannister, Lord of Lannister after Tywin died of seemingly nothing, and Jaime married Brienne. He is also, for god knows what reason, married to Lysa Tully, who is somehow incharge of Riverrun, I guess in this universe, Edmure, Hoster and Catleyn are all dead. A powerful alliance, who never do anything.

And finally, the thing that started off so much death and destruction, including none of the Stark Children, Baratheon Children, Robert Arryn, or even Daenerys, as well as eventually Viserys on the throne and Robert in prison. That is right, Tarth Independence, Lord Selwyn, you've got to ask yourself, was it worth it.

(I still answer yes because Brienne married Jaime)

Hopefully more to come soon, probably more detailed and less rushed to hit a deadline. More screen shots, commentary and maybe even a tiny bit of continuity screwing fun.  

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