Wednesday, 11 July 2012

British Politics: House of Lords Reform

For those of you who aren't familiar with British politics, of which I do not blame you, yesterday was supposed to be quite a  big day. The Liberal Democrats, the junior partner and critically shat on member of the Coalition that currently runs our government was about to get it's pay off for 2 years of breaking promises, appeasing Conservatives, and isolating core groups of support. They were finally passing a major bill from their side of the ideological spectrum. Namely, reforming our archaic spectre of a second house, the House of Lords.

 Cameron stifling back laughter as Clegg mentions 'Voting for a Legislative branch'

And then 91 Tories went and ruined it by rebelling and voting against the bill. This means more than just the lack of reform to the House of Lords (Of which Nick Clegg, Liberal Democrat leader has said he will continue to press for).

All he wanted to do was make a political body that was democratically elected

It sets a disturbing precedent within the Coalition that could shorten and destabilise the fragile governing body; namely, that the Conservatives have basically turned it around and made it all take and no give.

David Cameron has pulled out his 'angry eyes' so to speak, apparently yelling at rebels and threatening action against party members. Nick Clegg has warned of 'consequences' for the frankly immature Tories. Whether or not the two men can hold together through this remains to be seen. But I think it is safe to say that the agreement the two of them reach will be vital in patching over the deep wounds caused to the Liberal Democrats in both pride and practise. Though whatever happens, it'll either be those idiots running the nation, or this one.

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